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Nickname: LinoAyala44
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Webseite: http://www.yohaig.ng/category/tv-stations/tvc-news/
Name: Chasity Pellegrino
Geschlecht: männlich
Alter: 08.01.1982 (35 Jahre)
Ort: Latvia Spijk
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The Ogun state police command has arrested
24-year-old Ehioboh Lucky pictured above for allegedly impersonating billionaire businessman, Mike Adenuga, to defraud unsuspecting members
of the public. In a statement released by the command’s public relations officer, Abimbola
Oyeyemi, stated the suspect, an indigene of Edo state, opened a Facebook account with the name and image
of Mr. Adenuga to defraud innocent individuals.

theguardian.comhttp://www.yohaig.ng/wp-content/banners/sports-betting/bet9ja/bet9ja-nigeria-sports-betting-1.jpgHe was arrested soon after one
particular of his victims identified as Abiola Ogunseye,
went to the police to lodge a complaint just after paying ‘Mike Adenuga’ N1 million to assist him
secure a job at NNPC.

"One of his victims, Abiola Olalekan Ogunseye came in get in touch with with him on Facebook where he promised to get employment for him at Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)", Oyeyemi mentioned

Fortunate had told Abiola that if he paid him N1 million,
he would use his workplace to influence his

"The sum of N1,028,770 has so far been paid to suspect just before the victim realised that he is a fraudster," Mr.
Oyeyemi added.

Immediately after waiting endlessly for his appointment letter, Abiola suspected he had been duped
and he went to the Commissioner of Police and Officer in charge of Anti Kidnapping and Cultism, Opeyemi Kujoore, to lodge a complaint.

After a detailed investigation, Fortunate was arrested by the police on November 6th.

He would be charged to court quickly.

My web page ... Yohaig

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Clan: Pellegrino (21)
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Prozessor: P4 2,6GHz
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I-Verbindung: 4mbit
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