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Nickname: CallieBarksdale
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Webseite: http://www.yohaig.ng/category/nigerian-newspapers/the-nation-newspaper/
Name: Winston Hensman
Geschlecht: männlich
Alter: 20.10.1984 (33 Jahre)
Ort: Democratic Korea Gelchsheim
Registriert seit: 09.11.2017 - 03:56
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God told Abraham, if you can see it, then you
could have it because what you see will generally be provided to you.
This is the law of spiritual insight and acquisition.
What you do not see cannot be appropriated.
What accrues to you in life is a reflection of WHAT YOU SEE.
How do you see God? How do you see JESUS? How do you see your self?

God deliberately asked Jeremiah the prophet "WHAT SEEST THOU"?
(Jeremiah 1:11). What you see is what you perceive, what you perceive is what you conceive
and what you conceive is what you will ultimately get (perceive,
conceive and get). What you see spiritually, financially, materially, martially, politically
etc is a product of the force of RECOGNITION and what you recognise resonates with
your photographic imagination and will always be
portion of your appropriation.

france24.comhttp://www.yohaig.ng/wp-content/banners/sports-betting/nairabet/nairabet-nigeria-sports-betting-1.gifExcellent guys and girls are
those who see what other individuals do not see.
Some SEE Options, even though other individuals AMPLIFY Problems.
These who see what other individuals do not see often achieve what other individuals can't achieve.
Do you see problems constantly or solutions? You normally act on what you
see. If you are a Adjust Agent, you will generally proffer solutions.
You are a Option PROVIDER. You will not always Curse your Nation or Leaders.
You will constantly be optimistic and not unfavorable. In spite of God’s overwhelming investments
in the lives of the Israelites in the wilderness, they did not SEE the Word
of God coming to pass in their lives.

Despite God’s Presence, Covenant and irrevocable provision,
they saw themselves as grasshoppers just before their enemies.
Numbers 13:33. "And there WE SAW THE GIANTS, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and WE Had been IN OUR Own SIGHT AS GRASSHOPPERS, and SO WE Were IN THEIR SIGHT".
They became what they saw of themselves - tragic, they did not enter the Promised Land.
Buddy, how do you see God and your self? How Great is God to you?
Those who saw the Anointing on JESUS have been those who appropriated the Unique Anointing on Him.
(The Woman with the problem of Blood, Jairus, Bartimeus, and so forth all of them had a distinct perception of WHO JESUS - the Messiah is.

They received what other individuals did not acquire since they saw what other individuals did not see).
Those who SEE Better always lead and rule over the
myopic and the mentally blind. Nowadays, identify with JESUS and come
to be good. See your self well, fantastic, blessed, distinguished, lifted, favoured and prosperous.

You will come to be what you see of your self.
Obviously, what you SEE of yourself is what you will SAY of your self
and what you say of your self is a prophecy that will come to
pass in your lifetime. (Numbers 14:2cool "Say unto them, As actually as I reside, saith the LORD, as YE HAVE SPOKEN IN MINE EARS, so WILL I DO TO YOU." See yourself according
to the Word of God as the Head and not the tail. See yourself
BLESSED and you will always be BLESSED. Psalm 27:13
"I had fainted, unless I HAD BELIEVED TO SEE THE GOODNESS of the LORD in the land of the living." Believe TO SEE
the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.

PRAY THIS PRAYER: Father God, I thank You for the investment
of Your Son for the redemption of my life. I confess boldly that the Blood of JESUS has redeemed me.

The Blood of JESUS has created me precious and great.

I am not ordinary. I am very Special. I am not a weakling, I
am Mighty via God. I am strong in the LORD and the energy of His May.
God has produced me Great in this life. I have develop into
exceedingly wealthy via the sacrificial poverty of JESUS.

I am a Transform Agent. I see options and I provide options.
Nigeria is blessed. I see the goodness of the LORD in the land
of the Living. I am a good agent of alter.

my homepage; Yohaig

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Clan: Hensman (25)
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