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Today the Celtics a lost to the wizards, and thus lost the eastern second of the time, but Rivers said, he is careful to allow the main force decided to have a rest, the eastern part of the second they already did not want to fight and heat.
Netease sports reported in April 12th:

Today, the Celtics and the Wizards played a play-off, but even so, Bostons big four Garnett, Allen, Pearce, Rondo also neatly to sit on.

Celtics attitude is: the heat can be up to second to go, its not worth them to do any work.
Celtics coach Doc Rivers had said, he would make the veteran to rest, the importance of going for more than second.

So, the final defeat to Celtic 94-95 wizards, but heat 98-90 defeated the eagles, they advance to lock in second position, thus, the Celtics will be in the first round to touch Nicks.

Rivers described his rest is done very hard, even the general manager of Anji are also involved in this decision opinions to.

In general I do all decisions, but the question I asked some of the players, asked them many questions, and all the coaches, as well as Anji, so this is a very difficult decision, but it was the right decision, Rivers said, in the end, this is all to the our team is good, is the right decision, even in the ranking problem.

Rivers said, his decision is in a 77-100 to heat after making, and the end of the regular season in a game against Nicks Celtic will also make the most commanding general truce, so as to let them get 3 days of rest, and then put back for the playoffs for 3 day training.
He said his signal is let your spirit to rest, let the team to adjust.

Most is spiritual, no matter what the team what the players are like that, Rivers said, they are the best players in the world, so I do not believe the fatigue theory, unless you want your fatigue.
They just need mental relaxation and rest, so that we can at the back of the train out of energy, what we need most now is energy, than for all other needs.

The wizards, Wohl scored 24 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists.
The Celtics did not play, so they benefit from it.

We have to feel they we dont respect, do not want to let other players to play, said, so we think it well, then come on, careful, hard hit.

Crawford scored 17 points, including a jumper to let wizards in overtime.
Bratcher contributed 16 points in overtime, but because of his foul number full penalty.




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