Welcome to Maerchenwald Gaming.

————————————- RESPECT ————————————-

– We expect all players to treat each other with respect.

– We do not tolerate insults, sexist or radical remarks.

– Misconduct will be punished.

———————————– General ———————————–

– No advertising on the server or in the Discord.

– No Glitching, Combatlog, Scripting, Bugusing, Hacking, Stream Sniping,

– Support can only be provided via our Discord.,

– Driving is at your own risk.,

– The admin has the final say.

————————————— PVP —————————————

– The right of strengthening prevails on the entire Maerchenwald map.

– However, it is forbidden for players to camp when entering or leaving the save zones around the traders.

———————————- TRADER REGELN ———————————-

– Cars may only be parked in the traders‘ save zone area during their stay.

– The spawn zones of the car dealers and the dealers themselves must not be blocked with cars or objects.

– Purchased cars must be removed immediately after the transaction.

– Firing grenades of any kind is prohibited.

– Stealing auto parts is prohibited.

– Dont Play Music.

– Block other players e.g. is prohibited in buildings.

– The operation of doors, tailgates or bonnets of other cars is prohibited.

– There is an absolute ban on building in the traders‘ save zones (it is also prohibited to set fields).

– Items on the ground may ONLY be picked up by the player who dropped them.

—————————– BASEBULDING ———————————-

– Bases do not have to be registered.

– Only one base is allowed per group / clan. A second base can be requested from the 5th active player.

– Public buildings must not be added (police, fire brigade, petrol stations, wells, hospitals, etc.).

– Bases must not be built within a 800m radius of the traders.

– Building in military areas is prohibited within a radius of 600m.

– Skybases are not permitted. A maximum of one component (floor / roof) may project outside.

– A maximum of 5 floors (walls, gates, Dorways etc.) may be placed one above the other.

– A watch tower counts as 2 floors.

———————————— BASERAIDING ———————————-

– Comprehensive and meaningful video evidence MUST be provided for each Baseraid.

– The path inside the base must be clearly documented.

– If there is no video and the admins cannot understand it, they will be punished.

– Playerboosting is allowed,

– Climbing over objects, base or parts of buildings and slipping through openings,, is allowed as long as it is clear that the player really passes.

– If this is not the case, climbing through or climbing over is prohibited.

– In a raid, only what is really necessary can be reduced.

– The dismantling of base parts to get building material is prohibited.

– Dropped code locks must not be removed or reattached.

– Codes of the code locks may not be changed.

– A raided base may not be added.

– No objects from basebuilding or basebuilding plus may be used for the raid. (this includes watchtowers, platforms, flying floors, etc.)

– This one item may be placed in different places.

– Components of the Basebuilding Plus must not be removed from the outside.

– Construction errors may be used for the raid.

————————————– Punishment ———————————–

– The sentence is always dependent on the seriousness of the offense and a discretionary decision by the admin.

– The following measures are possible in criminal cases:

– Warning

– Temporary ban (from 24h ban and multi-day ban)

– Permanent Bann

Your Maerchenwaldteam